Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Open Studio as part of Open Gardens

At the weekend I opened my studio to the public as part of Long Thurlow Open Gardens and Studios weekend. The village was raising money for East Anglian Air Ambulance

The weather was kind making every ones hard work worthwhile. I had at least 40 visitors during the Saturday I was open. It was very rewarding visitors were quick to ask questions about my work and were open minded.

I had spent sometime rearranging and presenting my art work it was three years since I had opened to the public as part of Suffolk Open Studios

During a break at the coast in May I produced a series of small paintings reflecting the changing mood , texture and colour of the sea all painted from the same spot over a 5 day period.
I offered these original art work pieces for sale to raise funds for the cause.

On entering the studio the Sunset Series

Turning right the Figure Stone Series

                  The Found Series some of which were in Frames for the first time one comment Cool !

 Ships and Boats which I had great fun making - the bigger pieces I really like.

 Cliff and Shadow Figures

I love the shadow play on this painting 
'Dunwich beach looking towards Sizewell'

I found the day motivating very worthwhile.

                                                        A couple of pics of our Garden

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Found Series and Alfred Wallis

I am experimenting putting some of my current and past pieces into 50cm square recessed frames.

                                                 I think this works well using card mount.

I have made a tissue background to try out on this piece but not sure 

 This is using card mount 

On card mount
It was a joy finding these pieces on walks last week at Dunwich the long thin piece was hidden amidst a lump of sea weed

On tissue - not sure

I have recently been to an Alfred Wallis exhibition at the Time and Tide  museum at Gt.Yarmouth. 
I missed it at Kettles Yard last year and was so pleased to visit with a good friend.
You may remember my obsession with boats from past posts.

I bought a book called ALFRED WALLIS Ships and Boats at the museum that accompanies the exhibition. 
I was sitting on the beach reading it with the sun beating down on my face feeling it energising my spirits. 
Some of the paintings depict boats with large fish swimming underneath  or flying beside them. Wallis often spoke of the fish he painted as the soul of a ship. " for each boat has a soul, a beautiful soul shaped like a fish, so the fish I've painted aren't fish at all, you wouldn't be any good without a soul, would'ee?"

After reading and enjoying over 70 illustrations it contains I decided to go hunting for found objects and I couldn't believe it when I found the fish shaped piece of wood with its gaping mouth and eye also the bird shapes on its tail. So the work in progress shows the soul of the boat on its back.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

New Year Paintings

Inspired by  Covehythe and Minsmere walks .

Work in progress

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Year visiting coast

The first two pics follow on from previous blog last year.
The white painted drift wood was found on Dunwich beach I think the wood works well with the piece made from gaffer tape, sand, etc.

The second piece uses another found piece of wood found on the tide line along with the mussel shells I love the strip of blue paint on the wood and the holes which are convenient to hang the piece from.

Last weekend I spent a couple of days at the coast staying at The Crown at Westelton a big treat we went for a walk along the beach at  Covehythe to take pictures of cliff etc it is a while since we visited it the erosion is really marked since our last walk there. I am planning to use the pics of cliff, church along with found objects as inspiration for some new work.

The Church on the approach to Covehythe village. The markings on and the texture,and colouring of the field is inspiring. The line of trees  are dwarfed by the impressive church tower. Access to the beach is discouraged so we had to walk along the nearby footpath.

A church within a much larger original church.

Erosion on cliff

A sagging cliff edge the woven vegetation sparks off ideas

The cliffs are eroding from top and bottom undercutting the cliff a very recent cliff fall

Looking towards Southwold

Stones, copper, tiles, found on beach walks at Covehythe and Minsmere.
Have started a painting will share it with you soon.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Working in studio

During a visit yesterday to Dunwich I found a weathered piece of wood which is just what I needed to add to a piece I am working on.

 I want the pieces to be free of frames to be floating I have connected them by hanging them from the wood by wire.

This piece is larger the painting is about A1 the found wood was washed up on the beach earlier this year it is reminiscent  of a boat with cargo. Not sure how this will go.

A pic taken Mon or Tues of a passing boat with cargo. 

Sunday, 7 October 2012

New Camera

In my last post I said about problems with my Minolta SLR they proved to be terminal as the parts cannot be sourced.  As a result I have bought a Sony a65 so I can continue using my assortment of Minolta lens from the old camera.
I have enjoyed experimenting with the camera technology has moved on a lot in the last 6 years and so far I am very pleased with it. It has a panoramic function which is great it extends the landscape and works really well with the cliffs and sea views my earlier paintings used this format a lot. When viewing them on the camera it will scroll along the image- fantastic.

Just an example

Moon rising about 6,15pm  with boats on the horizon I seem to be obsessed by boats they have returned in some numbers along this piece of the coast they lay slumbering in the water swinging round with the tide waiting for oil prices to rise.

Time 7.50 taken with night setting

I am sure this theme of boats water and moon will filter through in to my work after all I am a water sign and controlled by the moon.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Current work - experimentation

I am having a few problems with the new layout etc of blogger.
I am posting some work in progress  My first blog for a while.

                                            These pieces are inspired by coastal imagery

                                           A detail of the above piece showing layering

                                           Another piece loosely based on cliff formation

                                           A small sketch and notes

                                          A arch way?

 I am having problems with my digital  SLR camera when I take pics outside they appear with very strange colours. I  have taken it to be looked at I hope they can mend it I am lost without it. Interesting effect !

This is the finished piece from the previous blog anyway I thing so still working on it from time to time